Give away features

I would be nice to have the give away feature include, give away will be base on items count, total cost

yes, I agree to that. To be able to give a present if subtotal reaches $80, for example. In my case it would be free shipping and a free gift if subtotal is over $80. Wouldn’t you buy in a shop like that??? :smiley:

theres a special offers mod in the rumor mill…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]theres a special offers mod in the rumor mill…[/QUOTE]

rumor mill???:confused:

[quote name=‘mirnitagl’]rumor mill???:confused:[/QUOTE]

You’ll notice that snorockets post count is near the 450 mark…

He’s special enough to know the rumour mill. Usually this means it’s being talked about unoffically, more so brainstorming sessions