Gifting Help Needed! Is It Possible To Allow Only One Gift?

Hi, i'm in the process of setting up a promotion where customers are able to pick from a selection of products to chose a free gift.

However, I'm coming unstuck as there doesn't appear to be any way to stop more than one item being selected.

Therefore as it stands the customer although directed to select only one gift could add multiple gifts.

We don't want to add any monetary value to these gifts which is only making this more complicated!

Any help or advise on this would be great!

Cheers, Benedict

Hello benedict

Please show your promotion in screenshots.

Best regards


Hi, please find attached a few screengrabs of the promotion build. The issue as I see it is you can't restrict it to being just the one product.

I've had a look at the free gift option, however this doesn't work as we have over 50 gifts to choose from.

Thanks, Benedict

CS Cart three.PNG

CS Cart 2.PNG