Hi i just realised - there is no gift card or store credit option available at all

Hmmmmm - how about our sweet return policy and store credits…

I think it’s a must

I was just asked about this by a person wishing to jump to this platform. Is this a feature about to be added to next release?

Is it considered at all, not much posted on this idea, but one that I would think was a basic function of a store.

Anxiously awaiting responce!

well, cant you just give them a discount code? It be the same thing as store credit, just set the discount coupon to however much you want it to be, lets say $20, and tell your customers its store credit.

You can’t sell discount coupons to people, but you can sell gift cards to them.

THAT is the difference.

I sell a ton of gift cards to guys that do not know what to buy their honeys for holidays or kids for special days like BDays XMas etc.

SO, Gift Card mod IS a huge requirement.

This cart lacks a lot of requirements right now, but from what I have been told, are supposed to be in the works.

They will have to be released beforee I can open the doors to my stores on this platform, or I will wait until they are, and just talk in the forum about what COULD be instead of what IS, lol.

The discount and coupn area is also a requirement, but for totally different reasons, mainly marketing and oh crap I am sorry reasons, lol.

oh, i wasnt thinking about selling them. I got your post wrong. I was thinking, if a customer returned something, you would give them a discount coupon, and call it store credit, or something like that. But going by how you describe it, yes, store credit is a must.