Gift Registry Questions/Issues

Has anyone on here run a successful gift registry with the add-on available to us?

This feature could be very useful for a store like mine, but after creating a test event I came across about one million issues (slight exaggeration).

  1. The person who creates the registry should be given a user account that they can access the event from at a later date.

  2. “Public” should never be an option. Why would anyone want random site visitors to see their event information?

  3. The user creating the event should be able to input their shipping address, and that address should follow through the order when guests make purchases.

  4. The admin is not notified when a new event is created.

  5. Invites are not notified right away. This will be very confusing to a new user.

  6. Why is an access key generated? Not to mention no one is ever going to remember it. (this goes back to point 1).

  7. If someone is viewing a product to buy, and clicks “more info”, they are taken to the actual product page, and the system loses the event tracking. If the customer were to make that purchase they would not know where to ship it and the quantity would not be altered in the gift registry.

  8. The event creator has the ability to send notifications to people, but no where to put in custom text/messages. So basically they would just be re-notifying people of the event link.

    This is all I came up with in 10 minutes of using the add-on. I will post more later when I dive in deeper.

    Anyone have any thoughts/comments/critiques on this?

    This looks like a nice third-party opportunity for some developers if there is enough interest in a working add-on.