Gift Registry - It cant be used in current format

The current gift registry has two fatal features lacking.

PLEASE let me know if anyone has got past this or if CS Cart plans on updating.

  1. When a registry owner wants to create a registry, he cant browse the site as a user and add the items he likes to a registry. A simple " add to registry" button should exist next to add to cart if user is in that mode.

  2. When a user checks out, they should have an option " Ship to X Name (owner of registry)"

    Has anyone else noticed this ?? Any work around ?

Yes - great feature… I requested this already 2 years ago…

Find it on user voice and vote for it…

If not there - create one, I will vote for this any day as I operate a site with a gift registry.

There are a quite a few features missing with regards to gift registry


  1. email registry owner when gift is bought. Email notification is triggered.
  2. Advise registry owner if item goes out of stock - let registry owner replace product in registry with a new one.
  3. Add to registry button
  4. Marketing and advertising your registry with a email list or social media (closed FB page)
  5. As you said, when user is browsing, allow them to create registry from product listing pages even as guest and then force to register user and create registry on registration.

    I feel that the Gift Registry is a completely separate mod and is not fully integrated into the site's other features or communication ability.

    There are also a number small UI enhancements to be made to the registry pages…