Gift Certificates and Version 1.34-sp3

Hey guys,

We recently went online with our store and I wanted to put a gift certificate option for our customer. I dont see where I can do that at all in the back end. There is no “addons” key and the closest I can get is discounts and coupons, any ideas? Thank you so much!

I believe the gift certificate addon was implemented in 1.3.5

so, like me (with 1.3.4sp3), we don’t have it


How old is our version? How long has 1.3.5 been around? Is it an easy upgrade? Thanks for answering my questions :slight_smile: I appreciate it.

hang in there with v1.3.4sp3 just a little longer, v1.3.5sp2 should be released within the next few weeks fixing a hidious amount of bugs and adding a ton of new features including gift certificates and promotions ect…

Awesome, thank you.