Gift certificate


I would like to know how to edit or modify “Amount should not be higher than €1,500.00 and less than €50.00” in form of gift certificate ?

Thank You

Select the Gift certificates tab in Admin->Addons. You can set the “Minimal amount” and “Maximal amount” there.



I need to translate in french this party on gift certificate form

Amount should not be higher than €1,500.00 and less than €50.00



And i would like to where is this code

Thank you very much

You can change the the the text for the limits in Admin->Languages. The variable you want to change is “text_check_gift_cert_amount” or search for “amount should not be” - you can then change it to read as you wish.

The “From” and “To” can be found in languages in the “gift_cert_from” and “gift_cert_to” variables, respectively.


:slight_smile: Thank You very much Bob !!!