Gift Certificate with multiple orders

Hello everyone,

Currently when customer places a multi-seller order using a gift certificate, cs-cart tries to allocate the discount of the gift certificate to the first order, and if the order is less than the amount of the discount, it continues on with subsequent orders. The problem with this is that the first order ends up being 0

Order 1: $70 - $70 = $0
Order 2: $60 - $60 = $0
Order 3: $90 - $20 = $70
(Gift Certificate = $150)

I cannot have order totals equalling 0 (fiscal issues). Is there a way to distribute the gift certificate proportionally based on the order totals, like this:

Order 1: $70 - $47.72 = $22.27
Order 2: $60 - $40.91 = $19.10
Order 3: $90 - $61.36 = $28.64

Thank you!

I don’t think so, you’d need a custom code modification to achieve such effect. Or maybe someone already figured it out, but I didn’t find any matching add-on in Marketplace.

@soft-solid would you be able to quote an addon to modify the behavior of gift-certificates in Multi-Vendor?

Requirement 1: The gift-certificates are sold by the marketplace. However, when a customer places an order using a gift-certificate, cs-cart distributes the gift-certificate between the marketplace and vendor (it reduces the amount to be paid to the vendor), which is completely incorrect! The gift-certificate should only reduce the amount to be paid to the marketplace, but it should not affect the seller payout.

Requirement 2: Distributing the gift-certificate proportionally amongst multi-seller orders (explained in the post above).

Could you please quote the 2 requirements separately.

Thank you!


Please send me PM with email contact.
Perhaps this add-on will partially solve your problems:

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