Gift Certificate Question

Very silly question here.

I just had my very first gift certificate purchase and no clue what I'm to do next?

Do I just email it to the the receiver? How?

Also, it was for $75.00 what happens if the receiver goes over the $75.00 - perhaps they spend $75.00 in goods where does the funds for shipping come from? Does the system know ok it's costing you $10.00 more for shipping now and they have to pay up?

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Hi, the user should receive the gift certificate in their email after purchase so nothing you need to do but just in case would be good to ask if they received it in case they use some crap email like aol that move everything to spam.

If the cart total with shipping and tax is $125 and the gc is for $100, they include the code at checkout and the amount owe we change to $25. If the total amount is less than the gc value, the remaining will stay on the gc for future purchase.

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much D.

Ok, now I know what happens with the GC :) Now, I can tell you what happened.


[]We have a new internet server that we signed up with in the last week or so

]We still have the other internet server and are waiting for them to disconnect the service. So it’s overlapping the new one which is causing problems

[]I have the new email address with the new server

]Also have the old email address for the old server until the service is disconnected

[]Tuesday, I got notification of the GC purchase. The lady paid by paypal

]But the lady says she purchased it on Monday

[]Since then I found out where on the website I had to change to the new paypal address - changed it yesterday

]PayPal says the GC payment went to my old paypal address on Monday - since then paypal moved it into the new updated paypal account with the new email address


Last night I received a email from the GC purchaser who is asking me if I’m sending it to the receiver because they have not received it as yet? Now I don’t know where the GC is?

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You can find them in orders - gift certificates :)