Gift Certificate In Cart Template

Hi All,

This forum has been immensely helpful to me over the last year, since I started working at an organization using CScart.

I've setup the gift certificates on the front end using promotions but would like to change how it appears in the cart, specifically removing the "To" field as there is no way for the customer to modify that. Where would I find this template?

Unless there is a way to allow customers to enter a recipient name, and maybe a message, which would be ideal, but I've given up on that after searching for a good bit to no avail.

Thanks in advance for the help!

What version of CS Cart are you using, If it is a new version then you can edit the Gift Certificates by clicking on Design/Documents.

Just make sure that Email Template Mode in Setting/appearance is set to New(nice and editable via admin)

for older versions you will need to edit the template directly,

I think is is

Design Templates/

For email it is your template/mail/addons/gift_certificates/default.tpl


Design Templates/

For email it is your template/mail/addons/gift_certificates/default.tpl

Correct path is


Hi Guys,

Thank you for the prompt responses. I don't think I was clear on what I'm trying to change, I've edited the email template already and am happy with that, what I'm trying to modify now is how the gift certificate appears in the cart on the front end. As there is no way for a customer on the front end to add a recipient name, email or message (that I could find anyway) I want to hide the "To" & "From" fields in the cart. See here, and thanks again.

All store-front templates are located here


Create gift certificate:


Cart content:

check templates in the following directories



Perfect, that did it. Thanks!

You are welcome!