Gift Certificate For Specific Vendor

Does anyone know if there's a way to issue a gift certificate that can only be used for products by a certain vendor?

We're trying to issue prizes to customers for vendor contests but there isn't a way to do it properly.

No reply needed to this part - just venting LOL --- > Can I just add while I'm here that it's insanity that you can't set up promotions by vendor. We wouldn't even care if we had to fully manage them for the vendors like we do now. Not being able to limit the bonus to a specific vendor's products is just insane.

If anyone has an EXISTING add-on for this please let me know as well. No time for development this time.

We have checked marketplace and failed to find such a module for you.

We have checked marketplace and filed to fin such a module for you.

Thank you for checking! I couldn't find anything either but I was hoping that I missed something.

hi when a customer adds a gift certificate tot he cart on cscart MV , the payment system hangs ?

who gets the payment ? as the stripe connect module and adaptive payments module dont know who gets the payment

how do the gift certs work on cs cart MV ?


Gift certificates along with promotions and reward points are three huge glaring weaknesses in multi-vendor. None of them have been developed to work with multiple vendors. They should really be removed from the system completely as they serve no purpose.