Gibberish In Paypal Notification Of Payment (Hebrew) After Upgrade From 3.16 > 4.22

Using hebrew, upgraded to 4.22

now i see just symbols instead of text in paypal notification email where the product description should be.

Can someone point to the right direction? What happened?

Can someone comment? Is that bug or is that my problem ?

Using paypal ( not pro).

Posting, in case any other member hits that problem, Solution by Cs-cart team.

[color=#555555] replace the following line of code:[/color]

echo('' . ā€œ\nā€);

[color=#555555]with this one:[/color]

echo('' . ā€œ\nā€);

[color=#555555]in the [/color]app/functions/fn.cart.php[color=#555555] file of your CS-Cart installation[/color]