Gettin pre-order sales

Hey guys,

2 things:

Trying to set up catalogue so that I can get orders to come through as pre-orders.

I.E: with zero stock the customer can still add to cart and still pay for item in advance (think CDs from Amazon etc). How I’ve tried the buy in advance option from the product edit page with no luck so far.

I’m sure this is an easy thing to set up and i’m sure i’m just being a 'tard and missing the checkbox or something simple.


Does anyone know if the automated DHL shipping processor works in the UK? I emailed DHL and they refuse to talk to me…

Any/all help is gratefully received!


I regard to pre-ordering you need to uncheck “Allow negative amount in inventory” in Admin / Settings.

With DHL you need to call you account manager to directed to the technical dept that deals with website intergration.