Get rid of "to fixed amount" as an option

When setting up a coupon code, it offers a bonus of “to fixed amount” rule in addition to a “BY fixed amount” rule! I have accidentally picked that before and the thought of giving someone their order for 90% off gives me a heart attack.

Yes I do test my codes but sometime you are sleep deprived or whatnot, or maybe you have an employee who messes up, and for me, I don’t need it. Is it possible for us to get rid of this as an option for our own stores just to prevent any future problems?

I haven’t tested this myself because I don’t want to remove this option, but you can edit:


There are four instances of


You could probably find all four of them and delete them. That should remove that option from the pull down.

Like I said, I haven’t tested this so I don’t know if it will actually work.

Also, please be sure to backup your file before you edit it.

Hope that helps,


I'd also like to remove this option, Did the advice you were kindly given work?

It would be nice to have some feedback …