Get Params For Discounts/promotions

Is there any way to pass a GET parameter to a product page URL, so I can apply a special promotion?

Use case example:

  • make some remarketing ads through Google to advertise free shipping. when users will click on the ad => free shipping promo will be added
  • offer 5$ discounts for newsletter subscribers. All the links in a newsletter to have a param offering a 5$ discount if clicked from mail.

    Either for v3.x , either for v4.x

    Thank you!

Unfortunately there is no such a feature in CS-Cart. Additional code modifications are required. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us to get a free estimation of the project.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Or you can use our free “remote checkout” script from here that will let you add that item to the cart or take the customer directly to checkout. Specific coupon codes can be used and setup to be “use once per customer”.