German Language

Hi there,

Even if awating reply on some topics we'd start today with the move of store, after testing on an 4.6.x

Unfortunately, very, the installed Version, the latest available for download, after extensive searches

has shown there is NO German Language available for it, yet. :-(

so, having a store to Migrate from Opencart, all set, with the representative from the transferring company awaiting for us assisting... us to move this small store with 3 languages... ended in Nothing.

Even The addons Packs from the translate cs cart ( same pack Imho) were giving errors

ErroreStruttura add-on errata. Il pacchetto caricato non può essere installato.

Uncorrect add-on structure and Can't be installed _ more or less the sense of Error-

Being not possible to install it, was not possible to generate the German section of site.

and then not possible to move the store in all the needed languages.

now, I do understand to rush a version to patch vulnerabilities and sort.

Even X mas time... but a Cart without German... I'm starting questioning choice to move to you honestly

With the utmost respect, are years I wait to use Cs-cart for a project.but... still

Please prove me wrong


I was under not true infos , as you might see, and I was doing the WRONG thing

Thanks a Lot for Mr Nikita B from Cs-Cart who did adress me in a jiff.