Generate unique ALT text for logo on each page

I’m looking for some advice changing my top.tpl to populate the logo alt text with the page title.

I’ve tried using the following variable (in red) without any success.


I also tried using [COLOR=“Red”]$mainbox-title[/COLOR] and [COLOR=“Red”]$mainbox-title.mainbox-title[/COLOR] neither came through with the goods.

The whole reason I’m trying to acheive this result is to have relevant alt text spidered close to the top of the page instead of having annoying duplicate content.

I suspect it’s quite possible even though my blind prodding of code hasn’t yielded the answer. I would be greatful if someone can point out if I’m close or more likely, way off track here.


I have often heared that one image should have only one alt tag on all pages id it the same image!

[quote name=‘Triplex’]I have often heared that one image should have only one alt tag on all pages id it the same image![/QUOTE]

Thanks for your input and pointing that out Triplex, i didn’t know that. (many things i don’t know!)

In that case, it may make sense to dynamically rename the logo.

I think this will be possible using the php rename() function.

I’ve hunted high and low but cant find reference to the mainbox-title.

I have noticed on pages where page title meta data hasn’t been supplied, Cs-cart is auto generating a page title in this format: category :: Sub-category :: product name :: page_title_text. This is very encouraging.

If we could continue in this direction, people with 100’s or 1000’s of products will breathe a sigh of relief. How many hours would it save???

I can give up on this, but i would love to know where in the architecture the mainbox-title is defined. At least I could tinker with the right tools.

If and when i can get this happening, i think it will be an SEO win for all Cs-cart users.

Hi, i´ve in past a similar question to the helpdesk team.

I haved would like to change it


Second, where i can change the TITLE in Sourcecode i see for example this:

Computers :: Modems :: Actiontec External USB Home DSL Modem (Bell South) () -

I would like change it to:

Actiontec External USB Home DSL Modem (Bell South) ():: Computers :: Modems

they have answered me:

To change the title you should do the following:
1) Open the "index.tpl" file located in the "skins/[NAME_OF_YOUR_SKIN]/customer" directory of your CS-Cart installation.
2) Replace the following part of code:

{if $page_title}
{foreach from=$breadcrumbs item=i name="bkt"}
{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.first}{$i.title}{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.last} :: {/if}{/if}
{if !$skip_page_title}{if $breadcrumbs|count > 1} - {/if}{$lang.page_title_text}{/if}

{if $page_title}
{if $product}{$product.product} ::{/if}
{foreach from=$breadcrumbs item=i name="bkt"}
{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.first}{if $i.title ne $product.product} {$i.title}{/if}{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.last} :: {/if}{/if}
{if !$skip_page_title}{if $breadcrumbs|count > 1 and !$product} :: {/if}{$lang.page_title_text}{/if}
3) Save the file.

I hope this helps!

Sorry when i misunderstand you, but my english isnt very good.