General UPS question..

So, I got UPS running fine and everything, I currently manage to ship everything in one size/weight box.

I am curious as how to the rates are generated, by BOX size and / or weight of the product? (since i input the weight on each item).

I want to setup a friend with cs-cart but she ships cookies in huge baskets or in small tins. Im hoping UPS can calculate it by weight and give the right shipping amount.

How does UPS get its rates for different item sizes/weights?

If you want accurate rates, UPS requires specific measurements. For example, if the package weights 5 pounds and is 5"x5", and another package that weighs 5 pounds and is 6"x9", the shipping cost will slightly be different.

I remember reading somewhere else that programmers are able to customize this feature, but it’s A LOT of work they said and will probably be expensive to do so. Nonetheless, if your business depends on it and you actually do have sales through the site, it’s worth it.

Try asking the cs-cart engineers. They are pretty cool…fast responses, great work, and cost-effective solutions.

Let me know what happens please…I may be also interested. (