General Question: This Marketplace Is Too Fast And Loads All Its Content As Ajax!

Hello everybody,

The marketplace on this URL loads very fast despite its too much resources and big images. All its pages are loading without loader icon or indicator (loading sign next to page title on the browser). Page title and URL change dynamically. Are all its content AJAX based?

To make CS-Cart navigation and content load like that, does it require to rebuild CS-Cart from the ground-up or is a straightforward process?

Thanks for your contribution :)

Mobile version is average, desktop is even less

I think that online Page Speed tools are all best-practice, and they all help. But they don’t represent the whole site speed picture. For example, your site would lose points if you are not using WebP image format, while this format is still not supported by all browsers Also, you will lose points if you embed Google analytics code snippet!

In my opinion, for small sites, Page Speed insights are somehow realistic. However, for larger sites, they are not practical.

cs-cart with a good cache plugin and optimized images is at least that fast.

Thank you!

I Understand CS-Cart is well speed-optimized. In fact, I am concerned about how to make CS-Cart loads and navigates dynamically.

cs-cart with a good cache plugin and optimized images is at least that fast.

With default responsive theme, I am getting score 70/97 or so for the home page with lots of dynamically changing images. If the gallery is suspended for the grid list, then the numbers are even higher.

Should I enable am online chat, a drop of 25-30 points is recorded. The same drop is measured for the advanced unitheme and youpi themes of alexbranding. But still, what is most important is how the end-user loads and sees the pages, what is the real user experience, not how Google analyze or score them.

Every website takes it's time to load, the first load is usually the slowest but after that the next visit is better, all thanks to cache. notice that on the url you shared, the html contents loads first then after ajax stops, then scripts starts to implement, it's slow but you won't notice until you try to click or browser through it, i think the current Cs cart speed is Ok, they have done a great job getting it up to speedy judging from the older versions and the fact that it's build on the old slow and sluggish smarty template engine, there're other template engines out there but they're more complicated than smarty..


What I meant by my original post is that you navigate through pages but the browser seems not refreshing. This new technology is called Single Page App. Simtech Dev has already announced that they are working on the same for CS-Cart

Looking forward to the new ear of PWA.

Hello Friends! I am glad to announce that we released the PWAjet application. Try all the features in our demo store! Also, I created a topic for its discussion. Feel free to ask any questions and let us know your ideas!