We have just updgrad to 4.15. GDPR is enable.

I’m surprised that the add-on do not say to visitor that we collect Cookie for Gaoogle Ads and GA4.

what do you think of it?

More over, GDPR Block do not work for "Add Buttons for Data-Related Requests (Optional) "
Do you have the same problem?

Have a good day


In case of using Google analytics add-on, it will be listed in the Performance cookies > Google Tag Manager:

Thanks for this information.

For GA4, we are using " Simtech Development: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce". il works directly with an API.
Maybe that’s why it does not give information for Performance Cookies ?

Sure, in this case you need to contact Simtech Development and ask them to add this add-on to be listed in the GDPR cookies list.

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ok, thanks
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Is there an update for GA4?

have a good day ?

Google Analytics 4 is supported starting with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.12.2 (released in January 2021).

As for the cookie consent, here’s a more detailed explanation for anyone interested:

  • All built-in add-ons — those that are developed by us and come with CS-Cart by default — describe what types of cookies they add, and what those cookies do. Those add-ons also use the standard cookie consent mechanism (it exists since version 4.15.1) to prevent cookies from being set until site visitors agree to it.

  • Add-ons from third-party developers (including Simtech Development) need to implement the standard cookie consent mechanism to have their cookies appear on the list.

Thanks for your answer. But When I read the documentation, il only mention UA and not GA4.


Where is the good place to push my GA4 account ID ?

Thank you for pointing out. We have plans to update this article in the documentation. Starting from version 4.12.2 GA 4 is supported in CS-Cart:

Please make sure that you have created the GA 4 property:

And use it in the Google Analytics account number in the add-on’s settings.