GDPR content in the cookie banner does not change

Hello everyone,

We are using CS Cart Multi-Vendor v4.17.2.SP2 and have a problem with the cookie banner.

The customer is always shown the same services that can be activated or deactivated - regardless of which plugins are active in the backend.

Here is the screenshot:

Paypal, for example, is not activated at all in our backend, but is displayed here. If I activate the addon for Google Analytics or Google reCAPTCHA, nothing changes in the cookie banner. On the CS Cart demo page, however, it works without any problems.

Does anyone have a clue where the error might lie in our installation? Where is the information about the cookie banner stored in the database or where does the cookie banner get the information about which services are displayed and can be activated or deactivated?

Can’t anyone here give me a tip?


Please check this article for the details:

And check if there are some third party add-ons in your installation that extend the default scheme app/addons/gdpr/schemas/gdpr/klaro_config.php.