Gateway needed

Verified by Visa/Mastercard Securecode would be implemented through your payment gateway, not CS.

Baballuci thanks for you support.

Could you helpme to understand how should I use the gateway versus the credit card services we have down here in Brazil?

We do have a couple of companies that already work with osCommerce cart but they have higher rates.

Here are their sites:

we will need these credit card processors to be added to the CS-CART so we can use the whole funcionality of CS.

Also we do use another type of payment here that is call “Boleto”. Its a type of payment that generates a Barcoded document that you can print and pay at any Bank or to any ATM machine. I do have the PHP scripts for this as well, maybe we will just need CS Dev to coded for us and maybe implement on the next CS relased.

Please let me know your suggestions my friend!!!


You need someone to code the payment gateway module if it does not already exist for CS-Cart. So it can talk to your payment service provider.


Thanks for the response.

I was talking to a couple of guys and they convinced me to use offline credit card payment down here, as we don’t have a such infrastructure like in US or Europe on payment gateways. So I will keep it simple for now and check how it goes.

Thanks again.


None of those payment providers offers payment via internet??

You can always sign up to other world wide providers like Wordpay, 2checkout, etc.

Hello Zyles,

Thanks for the support mate. Yes they do, infact I cannot compare their rates with the ones folks have in America or Europe, but the problem is that all their scripts must be incorporated or recoded inside the CS-CART, neverhteless, (example: sendep), every time a client wants to use the credit card payment they need to have an account with them and thats isn’t encoraging : $, actually is crazy.

So, I didnt have the chance to totally focus on the online payments as I dowloaded CS-Cart 2 yesterday and by now I’m still configuring the cart to start some real tryouts on basic level.

About the gateways you mention, I dont think they support our internal credit cards here as they should somehow to deposit the money directly into my bank account. “dunno”.

But at this time, I’m not seen a better resolution than start using the offline credit card payment as some of my friends keep comment that online payments are failling everywhere here.

I hope in the near future, cheap gateway get installed in this freak country!!

I mean freak country…but lotz of womam :slight_smile:

Take Care Zyles