Garbled Text Showing when Testimonials Enabled

I’m in the process of upgrading my store to version 3.0.5 from 2.2.5.

Whenever I put a Testimonials block on any page, I get garbled text on the top left portion of my site. Please see the attached screenshot. If anyone knows why this is happening and how to fix it, I would really love to hear from you.



this was in the changelog from 3.05

[color=#555555][!] Addons: Comments and reviews: Comment timestamp was rendered overlapping comment status in Opera 12.10. Fixed.[/color]

This happens in Firefox and Safari. Haven't tested on anything else but assumed it was across the board. I'll lodge a support ticket and see what they say. This is just the vanilla cart with testimonials added in a side block. Any page where it's disabled everything is fine, but wherever this block is anywhere on a page, the garbled text at top left appears.

Does it still do it if you change the testimonials block wrapper - ie. sidebar general or sidebar important?

Yes, it still does it either way…I've tried both general and important.

I had this problem on a site too. What I did was added:

.post-author {
font-weight: 700;
left: 0;
padding-bottom: 0;
position: relative;
top: 0;

To my style sheet. I use hooks, so your solution might differ a little bit, but the biggest part of this is the position there.

I hope that helps,


Hello Brandon,

Thanks for the tip. However, it's not working for me. I added the code you gave to:


Is that the right file?

Nothing changed. The garbled text is still there.


You want to edit /skins/basic/addons/discussion/styles.css, as default in 3.0.5 it should be:

.post-author {
position: absolute;
top: -25px;
left: 37px;
font-weight: 700;

Ensure you do not have any contrasting values for 'post-author' in /basic/skins/styles.css or base.css.

Remember, Firebug is your friend!

OK thanks Grant. That does fix it. So if it does this in a vanilla installation, it means this is a bug, right?

I have never used Firebug. I did download it the other day but couldn't really make head or tail of it. Just need to spend some time reading the manual I guess.

Thanks again.

The discussion (Comments & Reviews) addon always uses the aforementioned CSS file in V3. I've never come across that particular problem and looking at this file in 3.0.5, none of the CSS classes have been altered in any of the public releases since 3.0.1.

The only changes between 3.0.1 RC6 were:

.product-quick-view .stars {

float: none;

padding: 0 10px 0 0;


.no-items .posts .no-items {

margin-bottom: 40px;


None of the CSS classes declared in /addons/discussion/styles.css are declared anywhere else as far as I can see, so I fail to see how this could happen.

Meh, at least you got it fixed. Good luck with Firebug, it's pretty simple to use once you get used to it - saves a lot of time and effort and is definitely a must have!

Yeah. Just seems weird that all I did was install a fresh version of 3.0.5 using the basic skin and import an upgraded database. I haven't touched the css files up to this point.