Gallerific - gallery mod for cs-cart

I have looked for something similar (…ple-3.html#leaf) but no luck.

I am going to try to make it as a mod. Is there any interest on that?

Dont know how long this is going to take.

If any interest, would you be ready to donate some money for something like that?


Sure I'd be interested in this


Hi again,

I ve been working on that for a few days.

I managed to make it work as an addon, that takes pictures from flickr and only by html for the moment.

I will be trying the most hard thing in the next few days. And that is building an internal image managment like banner managment specific for the gallery. I thought I could use the existing banner managment tool, but when someone wants a great number of pictures in his gallery, then its too much for the cs-cart banner manager.

Take a look here [url=“”][/url]. in the center of the home page. It is a 2.1.4 community shop

If someone can help with that I will be glad, cause time is limited and my knowledge is not so great.

PS it is working also in pro 2.2.x. I 've tested on a client.



Where do you want to use it? If you want to use it as page content, simple embed it.


I would like to have it as banner managment, in order to easy have images.

I have already managed to make it as an addon.

I only need to make it read my pictures from a folder or a picasa account.

Any ideas?

Ok finished by embeding flickr account functionality.

You are now able to connect this gallery with you Flickr account id and by giving a specific set of pictures that you created in you flickr account


It then brings all the images divided in pages with specific number of thumbnails for each page that you can specify via admin.

Have a look at .

I use my account in flickr[url=“Paris | Flickr”][/url].

If anybody is interesting in having that script (addon with admin screen) can pm me.


This is the admin screen



I would be very interested in this but only if the images were self-hosted, not relying on third parties. Looking for an image gallery function for use on Content pages, but my options seem very limited with the default cart and even current addons available.

Hi there

As I wrote at the beginning of this post, I asked for people to share the production on this addonn for self hosted images, as I dont have the knowledge for such a project.

If there is still interest I can ask for a price and share.

Just pm me