GA4 is coming. Will cs-cart natively support it?

Ok so GA4 is coming. Does cs-cart work with GA4 or do I have to purchase a separate plugin?

Also looking for info on this question, can anyone give me a rundown on how to get cscart working with GA4 as well?

CS-Cart says that it is supported since 4.12.2

[*] Add-ons: Google Analytics: The support of Google Analytics 4 was added.

Well. I had to ask… So, just adding the GA4 tag and let it play?

Yes, adding GA4 ID works in the default module.

You do have to set up your GA4ID in google analytics, annoyingly it keeps giving a warning saying it won’t work after 30 June, but then when you go to set-up it saids that it is connected.

There is also a option to allow google to automatically set up a GA4 property … which I think is on by default.

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Hello @androutsos

We have created a Module to support - GA4 in cs-cart.

Please DM me if you want the same.


In fact, the article on setting up the Google Analytics add-on now states that GA4 is supported :wink:

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