Full screen visual html editor

When I click the full screen button in the visual HTML editor, it will not toggle back. It stays in full screen mode… So I can’t save, I can only refresh the page.


Sorry I don’t know what your solution would be. Mine works in Fire Fox so I cannot replicate your problem.

What browser are you using.


I tried it out and it seems it’s only an issue in one place. On the blocks page when editing a HTML block.

Though if I create a unique HTML block and edit it on the products page, it does go back from full screen, but the popup window has closed so I wouldn’t be able to save it anyway.

Issue can be duplicated on demo cart. If you edit a block, change to HTML, edit in visual HTML editor, full screen. Clicking the full screen button to toggle it does nothing. If you click new block and try it, it does close, but so does the new block popup option window.