Full httpS:// installation... Should I?

Hi everybody,

I have this idea… to install the full store on https://

Looks sooo good with that seal. Maybe I will get more customers if visitors will feel more secure.

Please note that this is my first go-live with CS-Cart. Until now I have just tested and implement it (since February).

So unless somebody explain me that I’m idiot to do such thing - of course with justifications, I will do it.

What I know already:

  • speed decrease is not an issue. Can barely notice.

    What I’m not sure about it:
  • will SEO be affected? Will the robots have trouble finding my site? (I will redirect all trafic from http to https), From what I read on internet, no - but I’m not so sure.

    Please advice.

Speed decrease should be logarithmic with each additional user.

More bandwidth, pics and such will be also ‘secure’ for nothing…

Any external pic or script will have to be secure too…

It is not normally done.

It is my two cents, you should spend more time on marketing.

Ok, I learned something about SSL that should prevent most people from HTTP-ESSING their whole website:

While in SSL images are NOT CACHED. This means that any SSL page is downloaded in all its entirety even if it was dowloaded just recently. There is no cache with SSL and website will be slower and bandwidth wasted.

EDIT: Well, it seems that caching under https is different under every browser and even version of a browser, not just a make… Any way, you can try to force some files to be cached with this in htaccess but as per browser your mileage might very:


Header unset Last-Modified

Header set Expires “Fri, 15 Apr 2011 20:00:00 GMT”

Header set Cache-Control “public, no-transform”


Thanks for the details Texas.

As a better alternative to simply running your site in full-time https mode, check out this thread which explains how to stay in secure mode after the first request:


I have been running our live site with this modification since 5/3 to fully test and it truly seems like an excellent option! Not a single problem or customer comment, store has been very busy throughout this month to date. :wink:

So far I had no problems with https. I even had 35 concurent users and nobody complained.

Looks fine to me, maybe I have a good hosting (it is a friend after all… :slight_smile: )