Full error after update, no matter what theme

Templates/common/product_data.tpl" on line 539 “{foreach name=”$a_name" from=$product.qty_content item=“var”}" ‘name’ attribute/variable has illegal value

i get this on each theme i am using… cannot open the store!


In the new version there is a new version of the smarty library. You need to correct these places. Are these your individual modifications?

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is the same for every smart library version

Latest version does not contain such a code. Looks like some files were not updated properly

i manual updated last verson of Smarty…
also there are some template modification, maade by dev…
but its not normal to get such errors

dont know wich is one wich is another…

So try to replace this file from the file from repository

used file:


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The said repository is untraceable in GitHub. Where can it be obtained?

It can be found in the root directory of your CS-Cart installation (var/themes_repository/responsive/templates/common/product_data.tpl)