Front page Featured Products

I would like to see an easier way to bring products to the front page with maybe a check box when creating products that says “Make Featured” or something like that which would in turn load that section on front page. But make the title editable so you could change it to something you like for example “New Releases”, or “Just In” or “Back in Stock” or maybe the ability to add a couple of sections to front page.

I know this can already be done with coding, but I have no idea how to do it. So making it easier for people who have no scripting experience would be awsome.

I am assuming you are running version 1.3.5. This can already be done without any coding.

You can create different “lists” and call them whatever you want using the Listmania feature. There are already lists created for featured products on either the home page or category pages.

You can change the featured items on the home page by clicking the “Edit” link at the far right for the list with the Object of Home Page. Click on the link ot the bottom that says “Manage listed elemants” and you can specify your featured products. You can create additional lists to add other sections to your front page by adding other lists mimicing the settings on the Featured products (Home page); make sure you set the “Enable for this page” chckbox on the product selection page.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Edited: You can change what appears on your home page by selecting Site Layout and then the Home page at the top. Select the Listmania tab and whatever list you want to change and modify your lists here.[/COLOR]

To set featured products for each category, go to Manage categories and select the catgory where you want to add featured products. Click on the Listmania tab near the bottom and you can add your featured products for that category.


I will check that out. I just couldnt figure out listmania, but ill play with it some more.


Anyway you or someone else could do a step by step. I have 3 listmainias but I goto sitelayout and hit listmania tab, says no lists found even though I created 3

Let’s take a list of products you want to appear on your home page called Specials as an example.

In Listmania:

  1. Add a new list with the following attributes

    Object=Home page

    List Objects=Products

    Type=Manually set

    Appearance Box=Central

    Appearance Order=After main content

    Appearance Type=Multicolumns

    Avail is checked

    In Site Layout:
  2. Select the Home page link at the top
  3. Select the Listmania tab
  4. Select the list (Specials) that you want to update
  5. Make sure the checkbox for “Enable for this page” (to the right under General) is checked
  6. Use the Search for Products to display the products you wish to add
  7. Place a check in front of each product you want to add to your list and click the Add Products button

    You should now have the list at the bottom of your home page.


Thank you so much. That helped. :slight_smile:

I was banging my head and kept forgetting to do the most simplest thing. But that workthrough was able to clear my mind so I could make sure.