FREE: Your New Website Listed in Google Within 48 Hours

Hello All,

Here is two services whom help you to index your new website in Google under 48 hours:

First of All:

[SIZE=“3”]Never Use The Google Submission Form![/SIZE] [url][/url] => NO!


1 - [url][/url]

2 - Follow steps on website

3 - [url][/url]

4 - Select: “New Browser”

5 - Max popups: 50

6 - Max urls: All

7 - Make sure to turn off your POPUP Blocker!

8 - Click on “Submit” button

9 - Wait for 24 to 48 hours

10 - Go to

11 - Do this request:


Nota Bene:

Change “” by your real website domain name :wink:

Lee Li Pop

PS: It’s free, but not guaranteed. Besides, only tax comes with life guarantee. Of course, after life you need to pay yet… Paradise is not on Earth, would it be in Heaven?

Give a try!

What’s the difference between this and submitting a Sitemap via the Google Webmaster Tools?

Hello Chris,

Submit your sitemap to Google can take up to six weeks for your new site to be listed in their index, because it’s YOU who submit a new site. While with the method above, you do NOT ask Google to come, but the Big players speak of you all over the Internet.

Your own personal Buzz!

And Google (as us) LOVES Buzz :wink:

Lee Li Pop

Appreciate the info Lee Li, I’ll give it a try!

Major thanks to Lee Li for this post.

We opened our site two weeks ago and submitted our sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask. As of 2 days ago, we had one page indexed by Google looking at WebMaster tools, however 143 pages were shown using the “site:” command in Google.

I followed Lee Li’s direction and after 40 hours, one page is still shown as indexed by WebMaster tools, but 1,510 are now indexed with “site:”.

Is this just coincidence and maybe since our site has been up for two weeks, Google would have indexed it anyway? Maybe, but I tend to think Lee Li’s post is what started the “juice” flowing for us. On the flip side, we still have 0 pages indexed by Yahoo or Bing so go figure.

Can’t hurt to try!

Hello ChrisW,

Glad to heard this good news!

Remember, this tip is based on Google whom is the main stream to bring you customers :wink:

Bing is the slowest to get indexed in. While Yahoo needs a few first backlinks.

Lee Li Pop

Hello All,

I come once again to follow this method, my new web site was indexed under 24 hours. Under 12 hours, my site was indexed in Google.

Remember, The Best Things in Life Are Free!

Lee Li Pop

2 Lee Li Pop

Thank you very much.

Worksite old, long in search.

Make us your home run.

PR on the sites has increased by 1:)

It is no coincidence, the sites are different.


Привет ALEXsei_,

Он с удовольствием, что я поддерживаю мой дорогой друг!

Ли Ли Pop

PS: Перевод Google!

Went live with a new site today, followed the post above, added a site map to google webmaster tools. This was at 8am, then had breakfast, showered and changed to go out. Before going through the door my curiosity just made me check the stats (am using adwords) and I noticed I had a bot crawling, google was up to page 145… this was within 2 hours. whoo hoo.So now this morning I checked and looks like all pages are coming up, only 250 products on the site, but didnt know it would find me so quick.

Just hope I move up the rankings now


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