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i've created two shipping method, first named “Free shipping” and the second “Regular shipping”, in the first i've setup only one row, if the price is greater than 70,00€ the cost is 0 for a single location (Italy), in the second methos i've setup prive for every range of weight… I want show the free shipping only if the price is greater than 70,00€, the user can't select this method if buy 50€.

Someone can help me?


Have you checked the KB?

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Why not set this up as a Promotion instead of a Shipping Method?

Like this:

Products > Promotions > New Promotion

Add Condition “Order Subtotal equal or greater than x”

Add Condition “Customer Country equal x”

Add Bonus “Free Shipping”

It doesnt work as it supposed to.

Promotion: spend 100 usd and get free shipment. US only

if not spent 100 then it is 5 usd shipping charge lets say.

so manually you configure shipment to over 0 usd to 5 usd + add a cart promotion 100 over shipment free with the conditon stated above, and the promotion should pick up when the order is over 100 and apply free shipment to us orders. But it applies the promotion to whole world.

Sorry to hear that. I don't have that problem. I run this Promotion all the time and restrict the conditions to Country = United States.

You do have to set both conditions in one group where ALL conditions are TRUE (not ANY conditions).

You do choose a shipping method for the Free Shipping. But you can also add a second bonus for additionally available methods - I do this because I calculate live rates and allow for the cheapest method for myself (order under 13 oz can ship via First Class, order over 13 oz ship via Priority Mail.)


We use a free shipping promotion, but have it set up differently to above and it works just fine. We haven't specified a country as a condition but our bonus uses a shipping method that only ships to certain locations, this way only those locations that would qualify for that particular shipping method would get free shipping if they meet the criteria.


Hi, I've create a “free shipping” promotion with a condition “Order Subtotal equal or greater than 100$”, if I insert a “promotion code” (other promotion) the price decreases (es: 80$) but the “free shipping” remains, can i choose total order condition rather subtotal? How can i do?

Is there any way you can automatically add a Free Shipping Image or text to all items that are marked as Free Shipping? I found this tutorial for CS Cart v.3 and below, I was wondering if there was an update for v.4 and above?

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thank you

I have been struggling for a long time with the free shipping problem. I have read all of the KB referenced above and still cannot achieve my goal.

My base shipping rate is set by real time U.S,P.S. priority shipping. The base rate is ok for 2 items up to 2 lbs. after that I add on $2.50 for any number of items.

I give free shipping for $50.00 or more. I state that free shipping will be 2-8 days delivery depending on the cheapest method available to me.

I utilize a promotion “free shipping”.

Because I add $2.50 in the base shipping method, I cannot utilize that same method for the free shipping. So I set up a separate method for free shipping. The problem is that in order for the method to allow free shipping the weight of the shipments has to be more than 2 pounds. I have many products that reach $50.00 before the shipment reaches 2 lbs. So the cart gives the free shipping message while charging for shipping.

I have a message in the check out that “if the subtotal is $50.00 or more you can choose free shipping at checkout.” But I can't tell if a customer with a $59.00 order who has been charged for shipping really chose to ship the faster way, or missed the choice and will think I gypped him.

Does anyone know a way around this or do I just have to go all manual?