Free Shipping With Mixed Products


I have setup a number of products to ship free. I have created a "Free Shipping" method when cart totals $59.00 or more.

Problem is when having a "Ship Free" product of say $19.00 and then adding a "Non-free Shipping" product of $45.00 the cart still shows a Free Shipping method available. So basically having just one "Free Shipping" product in your basket qualifies the whole basket to ship for free.

How to restrict this "Free shipping" method when ONLY ALL products in basket are set as "Free Shipping"?


Try the products shipping tab and check the "free" for just the product you want as free

This is what I have already done.

The checkout offers Free Shipping for the whole basket even if ONLY one Free Product (say for $9.00) is added to a basket containing "Non-Free Shipping" products. The requirement is for Orders totaling $59.00 or more of "Free Shipping" products.

I want the checkout to offer "Free Shipping" ONLY if ALL products in the basket qualify for it. If the basket contains one or more "Non-Free Shipping" products the "Free Shipping" products will not be used for Shipping Computation, using the "Use for free shipping :" option in the Free Shipping method.

I have it somewhat working... You need to have the "Free Shipping" in "Shipping Properties" tab for the product(s) you want to ship for free checked:


Weight (lbs) :

Free shipping : X

And under the "Shipping Methods" tab:

Enable defaults shipping methods: X

But even though I have setup a "Free Shipping" method in "Shipping Methods" with a Cost Dependencies of "More than $59.00" I have the Free Shipping option showing up even if Cart contains less than $59.00 of products.

You need to have a "Rate Value" of say $15.00 for Product Cost > 0 and then a "Rate Value" of $0.00 for Product Cost > $59.00 to have it... somewhat working... since then it shows a "Free Shipping" in Cart of $15.00 !! Does not make much sense.

The Free Shipping method in CS-Cart does not seem to be working as described in the documentation.

For this case, it would probably require some customization to account for removing the price of the free-shipping items from the total order amount for calculation of free shipping for the order.