Free shipping promo - apply to only the targeted product

I have been experimenting with Promotion for the first time. i’d like to have free shipping on T-shirts, caps and stickers. But if an additional product is also in the basket I want to calculate and charge shipping for that item as though the promo products were not in the basket.

In my first attempt it seems the whole basket is free of shipping cost, not just the promo products.

Any way to fix that?

2nd question: The Knowledge Base says: “Cart promotions are displayed on the Cart and Checkout pages.”

I assumed that meant the promo was listed on the cart page so people checking out with non-promo products would be pitched to buy the promo products. Apparently that is not how it works?

Hello Len,

In this situation, maybe it would be best to just check the “Free Shipping” option on these three products rather than viewing this as a Promotion. This way your customers would be charged shipping on other items added to the cart.

Can’t find it right now but the developers confirmed that free shipping promotions apply to all items in the cart. You could put in a feature request to add this in the future. In the meantime, Struck’s suggestion will achieve your goal.

What the KB article refers to is that any promotions which are applied are shown on the cart and checkout pages. One possibility is to create a product block on the cart and checkout pages, and populate it with your promo items. You could also place related promo items in a block on individual product pages.


Thanks, all. I am hoping to be able to offer free shipping ONLY in the US. Promotions would enable that but – only to all items in cart.

Any way to have free shipping apply ONLY to US?

You could do this using the Localizations feature which allows you to specify the localizations for each shipping method. If you choose to use this, you will also need to set the localizations for your categories, products and pages.


So free domestic shipping on a single product is not a convenient setup?

[quote name=‘interfaceFactory’]So free domestic shipping on a single product is not a convenient setup?[/QUOTE]

You can specify ‘free shipping’ on an individual product but it is not tied to any location or shipping method.