Free Shipping On Subtotal Cs 4.6.2


I want to give free shipping if subtotal for example equals or more than 100. It works correct if no coupon is applied. But if client applies discount coupon let's say 50% off, means subtotal is under 100, but free shipping is granted anyway, and it is not correct.

I also tried to configure it via shipping costs but still the same problem.

Any solution for that?

I know this topic was several times here but I could not find clear answer.

If both promotions are set up through cart promotions, use the Stop other rules setting

That is also not correct. If I stop other rules with lower prioriry promo then customer coupon code is wiped out after 100$

The idea is that client can have free shipping on the subtotal 100$ including applied coupones.

Any suggestion?

I am afraid, additional code modifications are required in this case

Ok, thanks for info.