Free shipping on screen


At the shop is it free shipping after buying for € 25,00.

Is there a solution to let this see for the customer at the shop anytime?

I think the way to see it:

a) to set it on the right site off the ‘breadcrumbs’.

B) in the header right site down.

c) maby you know a nice position to set it at a nice place.


On screen to see:

aa) "Shipping cost is now (€)<-> (free)

bb) “your buying is now € … and shipping is € … ↔ You buying is now € 25,00 and shipping is € 0,00”.


The trigger to set is taken from the shippingcost >€ 25 setting second role and calc +/+ the prices.

Thinking about… customer delete some article to recalc then the shipping to.

I hope it is a little bit clear.

Thanks a lot.