Free Shipping On Order Subtotal And Not Order Total

We have the following problem:

If you have rule of:

Over $100 free shipping so, anything bought 100 and over will be shipped free. this is fine.

but if we have a coupon code lets say : get 10% off today use " get10 " coupon code. and the buyer buys and item that cost $105 usd and uses "get10 " code. he should be paying:

(105 - 10%) + Shipping fee ( as the order will not be over 100 anymore)

but the system gives free shipping too. so the customers get 2 discounts…

Any fix?


Dave, you should set up promotions priority and enable the "Stop other rules" option for the coupon promotion


old topic, I know :), but what is the solution to this?

I could not find any configurations that works... or maybe i'm missing something?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Did you set the priorities of the promotions like Ecom suggested? if you have the coupon at a lower priority than the get10, the coupon will be applied first and then those values will be used for computing the get10.


yes, i did. It is not working :(

I have the free shipping promotion (over price 199) with priority 10, and the coupon (10% off) with priority 5.

And if i add a product with price 219, the free shipping is automatically applied. When i add the coupon the total price gets 197.10 with free shipping still active. Which is not right. It should be 197.10 plus shipping!



Please make sure that the "Stop other rules" option is enabled for both promotions

Hi, thanks for your answer.

If i check "stop other rules" on both promotions, it works on the example i gave early. but if the order it's let's say 249, the free shipping is automatically applied and when i apply the 10% coupon, the total price gets 224.1 + shipping, which is not right, it should be 224.1 with free shiping.