Free Shipping not working all the time


I’m using 2.2.4 MVE

I applied the free shipping above certain amount and followed the steps here

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

its working perfectly fine when we tested it but it appears to only work 50% of the time with real customers. And i can’t figure out why??

In several cases, the customer still gets charged a shipping fee even if the order total is way above the threshold. We tried to act on behalf of the customer and order the same items, but we can’t reproduce the problem. It seem to happen intermittently and appears to be a bug.

anyone experienced this before or have any idea what’s causing it?

I can’t use promotions for our free shipping since it’s not applicable to all our vendors.

thank you!

Are the customers free shipping didn't work for inputting an address within the shipping methods location?

Yes its within the shipping methods location. the weird thing is that it works when i try to login in behalf of the same customer

Are you testing this by using the users account and checking out with the same products in the cart?

I just recalled, I was able to repro the problem once…i acted on behalf of the customer (with the products still in the cart) and witnessed that the shipping fee is included (should be free). I think i cleared the cart then tried to checkout again and the problem disappeared.

To answer your question, Yes i tried using the customers account and checking out the same products. I tried other combinations as well but I could no longer reproduce the problem.

ok my bad – I clarified the testing done and I think I found out whats wrong. For the “problem orders”, I discovered that at least one of the products in the order have free shipping enabled. It turns out that cs-cart doesnt calculate the value of any product that has free shipping enabled. It kinda makes sense but it's a problem for us. I'll probably need to tweak the calculation