Free Shipping Image ( NOT DISPLAYING )

Hello - I follow the instruction

For some reason after upgrade to 3.05 Free Image for free shipping products are not displaying I clear cache , enabling and disable my_changes addon but still nothing, I also check the image and Image does exists, ANY HELP.

any one !!!

I'm on 3.0.5 and the Free Shipping addon works as it should as indicated by that KB article. The free_shipping variable hasn't changed from at least 3.0.2.

Is the code generated on the storefront, ie. if you view the page source code, is the appropriate code being generated? The image should be the skin images folder, depending whether you use Pro or Ultimate:

/skins/your_skin/customer/images/ for Pro

/stores/#/skins/your_skin/customer/images/ for Ultimate where # is the store ID

Yes I tried with Text and with Image - not really sure why the image or the text not displaying on the product detail page, I have free shipping checked in for that particular product ? I am using 3.05 so I am sure it should work.

Yep, this uses the value taken from the 'Free Shipping' check box. So none of this is generated on the storefront on the product page? Add an extra piece of content to see if the template is even being added in.

If you are using Professional:


If you are using Ultimate:

/stores/#/skins/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN]/customer/addons/my_changes/hooks/products[/b]/[b] - (where # is the store ID)

In this file, add an {if} statement for the opposite, as it contains Javascript I can't paste it here for you, but in essence add this to the bottom of that file:


{if $product.free_shipping == 'N'}

Javascript or Free Shipping function not working


You should now get the image showing on products with 'Free Shipping' enabled and "Javascript or Free Shipping function not working" on products without Free Shipping enabled. If you get neither, make sure the file path is correct otherwise raise a support ticket with CS-Cart.

You could also save yourself a lot of headache and just install this one: