Free Shareit Buttons Addon

Hi again fellows,

This is another version of social buttons for the popular Sharethis service.

All you have to do is signup with sharethis ( and just get the Publisher id that comes at the 3rd step of the procedure.

Then copy the files in your store root, install it through admin and then add the Publisher id in the only Field.

Also added the ability to turn on and off every button individually and the support for SSL certificate (if you have one installed please check the last box).

You are ready to go. It is fine with ie7 and above.


See some images.


Product view (under buy now button)


Admin view


For version 2.0.x


for version 2.2.x



I just tried this and am getting a blank page. I'm using 2.0.14. The addon is currently disabled so the page shows.

Am how am I able to choose what social media service are used?


I have tried this in 224. Let me have a look at 20x and I will get back to you.

I will also embed the ability to choose networks.


Thanks! You truely are appreciated!


How do I get the FB share, Twitter, Google+ on top line and Pinterest and FB Like on 2nd line (they don't fit on my page like on your example, I guess my picture is too big)…and a space above the 1st line? I tinkered but nothing happening.

I tested this out with Facebook and it didn't grab the correct photo.

For the 2 lines display, add in your styles.css

.st_facebook_hcount {
.st_twitter_hcount {
.st_googleplus_hcount {
.st_pinterest_hcount {
height: 58px;

The FB like is another Addon from Cs-cart "Facebook" add-on is available for testing. - Page 3 - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums - Page 3



Hi idpweb,

As promissed here is the version for 2.0.x and also both versions updated with the option to turn on and off each one of the 4 social share buttons.

Thank you for your nice addition.

Try this out and let me know if it works fine for you.


Thanks for your hard work Fotis! It works like a charm!

Is the facebook like a separate add-on?


thank you.

yes it is from cs-cart itself "Facebook" add-on is available for testing. - Page 3 - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums - Page 3


The cs-cart facebook add-on is being a pain. I can't even get the App ID for my client. Is there a step by step to do that?

hi there

its easy actualy

You just type create a ne app ( you only need the name to type) punch in the captcha and then you have a screen with the new app. Just copy the App id over to the application and thats all.


I don't get to a screen that I can do that. I go to that link and am prompted to enter my username and password then am taking to an admin panel screen. This is using my clients login.

If I login using my personal information I'm taken to a facebook developer app and am able to follow the links through as you said in your post.

So do it with your credentials .

This is no problem, you can use the app to another application. As long a you don't delete that from your Apps directory there is no problem.


Thanks for the help! I was able to get the developer code, but the “like” button itsn't displaying anywhere on the product pages.

I've copied and pasted the APP ID into the add-on set up and selected “display on product pages”. I'm using CS-Cart 2.0.14.

When the addon is enabled I do see that there are (2) blocks created on the products page but nothing shows up in them. Even if these would work I want the “like” feature to appear beneath the shareit buttons that are under the add to cart button.

Any thoughts or ideas? Is there a way to do this without using an addon?

CS-Cart provides no support on this.

Thanks again for all your time and help.

It might have to do with your version.

Maybe I can fix the share this buttons for you in order to include a like button.


ok try this and let me know.

it is ment to be for 2.0.x version only and with FB Like and Twitter Follow.


[attachment=5214:20x -]

20x -

Thanks for your hard work! It works great! It doesn't seem that the twitter follow button is displaying though.

What do I need to edit to put a space between the first and second line? Also, is it possible to add the “be the first of your friends to like this” blurb? If so, what woud I need to tweak to do that?

Finally, is it possible to set the order of the links? If so, what do I need to tweak? Thanks again!



If you open the file in the components folder in yourskin/customer/addons/dvs-share then you can change all that according to your taste.

The fb blurb is not available, it has something with sharethis script to do.



Tanks nice addon

but when I active this addon ssl is problem

What can be done to overcome the problem