Free Pickup Option On Items Which Have A Shipping Freight Fee


We have a slight issue with some of our items which are long and expensive to ship.

For these items we add say $10 to the "shipping freight" option in the item details.

This adds $10 to the total freight amount and works well.

However, we also offer "free" pickup for local customers, these customers often purchase items and select local pickup option which is setup to be free under shipping methods.

For those items which have extra freight added, the extra freight gets added to the total even for local pickup.

Now we have customers calling us up and wanting to place orders over the phone because they dont want to pay the extra fee... which they shouldn't.

We would like all orders placed via the online shop which makes things much easier when picking up etc.

Is there a way around this?

as a work round you could add an option to the item to say "pick up form store" and add a minus $10 to the modifier of the option.

Or maybe have look in the promotions to see if you can set a promotion for "where shiopping method ="

then give discount of $10.00


Yes, try to create promotion by customer location and set up Free shipping for this shipping method

Thanks for suggestions.

This worked with the promotion method, however when viewing the cart and calculating the shipping cost it still shows the $ amount until they select and click next.

Many customers might stop at this step because they see a charge on pickup.

There should be a better way! But for now this will work with some clever wording....

Looks like a bug. Try to post it to the bug tracker

I got the exact same problem.

I tried setting Free Shipping on the product and Use for free shipping on the shipping method.

It almost work but for shipping method without Use for free shipping, the Shipping Freight is not added to the total in that case.

Any updates on what you did or if there's a bug fix for that ?