Free Multi-Vendor licenses to active testers

As we announced before Beta release of the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor edition v2.1.2, the most active pre-release testers of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor receive free software licenses worth $985 each.

Here they are:

  1. nmb
  2. cross_gustopher
  3. snorocket

    And we would like to congratulate these users and thank them for all the work they’ve done! The feedback that we received was really important for us to complete CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

    Well, we promised 5 free licenses, but we give only 3… Unfortunately, these 3 guys were the only active testers. Good news is that we have 2 free CS-Cart Multi-Vendor licenses left, and we are eager to give them to other active users who will provide significant feedback in the future. Keep up with our further announcements!

    Thanks to everybody!

Thanks for offering this bonus and I hope CS-Cart does the same with Multi-Store beta. Unfortunately, multi-vendor doesn’t provide any required functionality for my usage - otherwise I would have participated in the beta testing.

how i can be tester?

[quote name=‘brokensword’]how i can be tester?[/QUOTE]

At the moment testing of the Multi-Vendor is finished.

Please follow the “News and Announcements” thread, when we will start something similar we certainly will create a new thread.