"free" items and orders

I sell mainly download and have quite a few free items so the following would benefit me, and possibly some others;

  1. If an items price = £0.00 can we have a text variable that says something like “Free”, obviously editable from admin area.

  2. When an order with a total of £0.00 is submitted it is given the status of “open”. I would like an option in the admin area so you can select what status “free” orders are given after being placed. So, for example I would like to be able to select “complete” so users can access free downloads straight away instead of having to wait for an admin to change the status.

    These would be nice, and much appreciated!


Just out of interest, can i just do number 1 with smarty? I’m pretty new to this but get the impression I could. Can anyone help?

Would still like 2!

Hey Recedo, you can do this already, I would just edit the enter_your_price language to say FREE or whatever you want.


I’d appreciate that!


i have some free graphics for people. is there a way to have them download them directly from the product page? instead of an “add to cart” have “download now”