Free Gifts

When a customer is spending more than X amount i want to offer a free gift, the customer can choose from around 10 different free gifts.

When i add these products in promotions it just adds all 10 gifts to the users cart when they spend over that amount.

is there a way to have the customer be able to select which ONE they want?


Currently from what I can see, the only way is to create a custom product with 10 options, each option for a gift.

Then add that custom product as a free gift.

And hope that customer will be able to realize that they could choose from the options when the free gift is added as a promotion item to their cart.

And yes, I was equally frustrated with how the promotion handling are configured. As you’ve said, “it just adds all 10 gifts to the users cart when they spend over that amount.”…

Kinda sucks big time~

yeh i see what you mean by adding the options to a product, it will do but then you dont get the option of showing a pic and what if one of the free gifts has options?? size or colour for example.


This has been discussed before - I am not sure if a feature request was ever made. There is a planned item on the roadmap:

[QUOTE]The ability to set options for bonus products[/QUOTE]

Maybe they could add the ability to choose a single item for a group when they are working on the promotions bonuses.

You should enter this as an idea in the UserVoice system.