FREE Addon: Place order button once

Attached are two zips that make it so that your customers will only be able to place the order button once when they checkout.

One zip has two folders. Both sets of files make it so the Place order button is only clickable once.

One set of files is just a replacement for the button.

The other set of files makes it so that you have an image as a button that changes when hovered over.

This is for version 2.2.4

The other zip is just the replacement files for the Place Order button and is for version 3.0.x. I honestly haven't tested this yet and just got it from Alt-Team. If this works for you, please let me know.



Thanks, works for me on multi-vendor 3.03

Tested and working v3.0.3 - Pro

Where the customer's internet connection is lost between 'place order' and 'checkout.complete', refreshing the page will post an order. - This doesn't effect the addon as it's a CS-Cart issue.

How about for V 4.2.2?


I haven't upgraded this to 4.x yet, so I really don't know.