[Free Addon] Footer Icons -Banks-Couriers-Cards

Hi guys

another free Addon that will make our lifes a little bit easier.

Just isntall it and choose from the Addon settings screens the Banks, Cards and couriers you want to show in your footer.

Although Footer Icons is ment to be for the Greek market you can easily cahnge to fit your needs, by changing the image file footer-icons.png in design/[your theme]/media/images/addons/footer_icons.

Download at [url=“Ετοιμα Εικονίδια Footer - Δωρεάν CS-Cart Addons at Cscart.Biz | CS-Cart Market by Dvs.gr”]http://www.cscart.biz/footer.html[/url] and enjoy!


PS We added an international payment icon image for those who want to change this.

Hi guys

if you had an issue with this, it was probably of a small bug. We fixed it, so please redownload and reisntall after you have remove all old files of this.



This is a great addon. Thanks for offering it for free!

Thank you Onkel_Sid!