Free Addon:(Dvs) Category Grid Lookz

Hi CS-Cart Friends

just in time for the Xmas, we bring out a new Free Addon for all you CS-Cart Users, that I think you will find very usefull.

As always its one of the many things we do on almost all our of Custom stores, and as such I prefer to make it simple as an Addon.

Our Category Grid Lookz Addon can change a lot of things on the way the products look in the most popular style in categories list: The Grid.

So you can perform following changes:

1. Truncate Product Titles as you wish (also seperate for product blocks)

2. Show/HIde the SKU

3. Show/HIde the buy Button

4. Show/HIde the availability

5. Show/HIde theQuick View Button (just for categoy not the whole store)

We also did some minor CSS changes (centerd title, price below, bigger price font)

All that form the Addon screen. Compatible with all 43x versions.

Here you can see a few screenshots.

1. All possible seetings enabled

2. Before activating the Addon

3. The Addon settings Screen

You can get it for free on our store

Enjoy it and have a Merry Xmas!

Fotis from

I love your addon, it's great! I sent you an email a couple weeks ago and never got a response. I have a few issues with it that I was hoping you could fix to make this even better?

1) When I use my phone to look at a category page it doesn't show the Add to Cart button on the category listing page. Can you add that?

2) Again on mobile when an item is out of stock it doesn't show anything whereas when in stock it says "Availability: In Stock". Can we get it to say "Out of Stock"?

3) Your addon does not seem to work on the search page results? It does not show an Add to Cart button or availability. Would love to see those added too :)

I have this running on my clients site, https://www.laurentdoll.comif you want to see what I am talking about.

Thanks again!