Free Addon By Lazy Load For Images

Dear Friends, we would like to introduce you new addon - Lazy attribute for images.

The advantage of this addon is that it does not use Javascript to implement lazy loading, but uses the loading = "lazy" attribute (it was introduced in 2019), thanks to which the browser performs lazy loading on its own.
Almost all modern browsers support it (the share of those who do not support it is already below 10%.) In Google PageSpeed, the module solves one of the most important tasks - "Defer offscreen images".
Advantages and features of the module:
1) The most efficient and fastest method of lazy loading images is used. This is truly the most progressive way to speed up your store.
2) Automatically marks all matching images on the page for lazy loading (no need to manually specify special classes and attributes)
3) Doesn't use Javascript, which is very important for such an engine as CS-cart. You won't have any page recalculations, everything will be done by the browser.
With our addons Fonts Preload and Webp images your store will be much more faster.