Fractional Numbers - Discounts By Percentage

Hi there,

In cs-cart you can set a discount of €22.20 for quantity discount.

This only works with absolute price.

if I want to set 33.33% discount by percentage, this does not work.

33 after the decimal point will be deleted after saving.

Does anyone have a solution?

Try in the phpMyAdmin change type of the percentage_discount column in the cscart_product_prices table from int(2) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' to decimal(12,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00'

(!) Not tested

Thanks for your help but unfortunately, this does not work:(

If you use CS-Cart (not Multi-Vendor) do the same action in the cscart_ult_product_prices table

You're great, it works! :grin:

You are welcome!