Forwarding Email On Behalf Of Vendors Not Working

We're getting notification emails bouncing back lately as the store's domain (which sends the email) does not match the vendor's email domain (the reply to).

Is there any option other than having every vendor add an SPF permission at their mail provider? (We have over 500 vendors…)

How was this ever supposed to work?

Just a thought - are you sending emails via SMTP server (Admin Settings|Emails) rather than via php mail or sendmail? Then the sending domain should be the SMTP domain.

We're sending via PHP mail.

Are you saying we should be sending via SMTP server?

SMTP will give you better results because it usually requires authentication to send mail through an SMTP server (if it doesn't, it will be considered an open-relay and most spam detectors will dump the email).

The sendmai methodl (or via php mail) tries to connect directly to the receiving SMTP server for delivery. That server then tries to verify the domain of the sender. So switching to SMTP might solve your issue since it will probably be setup properly.

It will work via php mail if your server/environment is setup correctly but it's usually pretty invisible to the merchant.

But note that anytime you are sending "on behalf of" someone, you run the risk of ending up in the spam bucket. One of the joys of MVE.

Thanks for the illumination Tony.

So its just a ridiculous situation as it sounds? It's amazing we haven't been blacklisted…

Sounds like one for the suggestion list…wonder how other carts handle it?

We send via SMTP for exactly that reason - which is why I made the suggestion.

I don't think it is the fault of CSCart - other than maybe they should point out the advantages of choosing via SMTP.

What would you add to the suggestion list? I can't see what more CSCart can do - other than provide documentation on the pros and cons of "via SMTP" versus the other methods.

Spam checking everywhere has been getting a lot stricter which is why this has become more of a problem.

You may already be on some blacklists - this is an easy way to check:

My concern is that appearing to relay email will eventually result in bouncing/blacklisting as spam measures continue to tighten.

Other multivendor environments (like Etsy) manage customer communication entirely within the application - so all communication comes and goes from the same domain.