Forum Upgrade!


After much discussion with the CS staff and my experience on the other X forums…using Phpbb , while free, and it works…it flat out sucks for searching…

I have convinced the CS staff to upgrade to VBulletin (the best bb out) and the search feature is 100 Million times better…

Within the next 2 weeks, the forums will be converted to VB!

Great news…CS is going the extra mile for us! and I certainly applaud them.

This decision alone should put xcrap in the dirt. ROFL

Once this forum gets busy and so many people are running around looking for various items, this will save so many people so much time.


So that’s why I could never find anything when I did searches on X’s BB? :wink: More props to CS-Cart and ETI for spearheading this!


I hate the new look and feel.

well anyone who knows anything about forum software, knows VB is way better than phpbb…wait 6 months then try and search on a phpbb site…vs vb…

[quote name=‘Lucifer’]I hate the new look and feel.[/QUOTE]

It’s a makeshift, our designers are working on new look and feel now.

Yes please its very hard to use. wait 6 months… etc?

take a look at very well setout and feature rich.



looks identical to we have here…

as far the the home page, thats a portal mod, that doesnt add anything for this type of forum…

the portal mod is for a site that needs a little nicer home page than just going straight to the forums index…

[quote name=‘Lucifer’]Yes please its very hard to use. wait 6 months… etc?

take a look at very well setout and feature rich.[/QUOTE]

My point being, in 6 months when this forum is full of users and good info and you want to search and find an answer…you wont be finding it , using phpbb…ask anyone who ever used Xcart forums…

as will all change comes a learning curve…

Well enable quick replies and ill be happy then! Also give us an advanced editor please.

Quick replies is already enabled.

Its the paper button next to Quote, click that and it opens the quick reply.

Try the FAQ section about using the forum…it has some basic user faq’s.

[quote name=‘Lucifer’]…Also give us an advanced editor please.[/quote]

You can enable that in your profile.

Go to “User CP > Edit Options” and look at the very bottom of the page.

Thanks Em!

I know that but the editor is the basic one, there is an upgraded version.

Why would you need a full version?

I dont see a need to add tables to a post or such…


Font Size?

[ size=18 ] Enter your text here [ /size ]

looks like this [size=18] Hi Lucifer! [/size]

I give up.

@TonyK, youve made a big mistake.

While there are some nice things about this new fohum … OMG This new forum SUCKS !.

You cant find anything and the “advanced search” … it should be called “Retarded serach” IMHO.

The Old forum software was easy to use, easy to find posts, and you could do phrase searched, and BOOLEAN searches.

FFS, can someone please fix it… it might look nice but as far as finding anything I reckon its a POS.

And those pop-ips that show the Posting Members stuff when the mouse over them are just annoying, and of little use.

PS… Forgot to mention … This new forum SUCKS …